Fun With E-Drums

Shaun Andrews:

The v-drums are fun, and super easy to record.

Originally posted on Mike Whittemore:

A few weeks back, my best friend and musical life partner, Shaun and myself got together to record some tunes with his electric drum kit.

The idea is to expand the one-man acoustic show to include a more rockin’ set. Aside from sounding fantastic, the e-drums have a very important feature for smaller venues: volume control. Hopefully in the future we’ll be playing some bars where drums wouldn’t normally be welcome–unless Shaun played with dry spaghetti instead of drum sticks.

In the meantime, don’t forget I’ll be playing at the Blind Tiger Pub this Friday from 8 – 11 p.m. (sans drums this time).

Here’s a sample of one of our recent rehearsals with a few cameras thrown up around the room:

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Shaun Andrews:

Looks like a fun recipe to make with the boys this weekend.

Originally posted on scratchbatch:

A few nights ago, we decided to continue our trend of hosting little fetes with a theme.  This time, we decided to head to Germany and embrace Oktoberfest (deemed “Oktobeerfest” by my oh so clever roommate) by dedicating an evening to drinking songs, pretzels, and various types of beer. (…joyeux enfants de la Bourgogne…)

The premise was simple : come prepared with EITHER food, beer, or a drinking song and you are welcome to our home.  My contribution, as I don’t know much about beer, was to make soft pretzels…

I will admit, I’d never made these before.  I didn’t really know how to fold a pretzel or the process by which pretzels are created.  Bread – I can do.  Pretzels ?  The seemed so…beyond my reach.  But that has never stopped me in the past, so I said I’d make pretzels and pretzels I made (à la…

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Shaun Andrews:

I think we have everything needed to make this in the cupboard. Maybe on the menu for tomorrow night.

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Here we are, waiting for “Sandy” to hit. She’s a hurricane. We are also expecting a nor’easter. The combination is what they are referring to as “the perfect storm” or a hybrid storm. Fortunately, we are not on the coast. We won’t have to worry about 16 foot waves. We live inland and are expecting 60 mph winds, up to 80 mph wind gusts and probable power outages.

During this time, I have bought minimal groceries in case we do lose power. You can only store so much in coolers. We have had plenty of experience with power outages. Since buying our house three years ago, we have gone without power about fifteen times. Some of those for just an hour, but most for days. Last year at this time, we lost power for nine days. That’s a long time without running water. See, we have a well and septic. No electricity =…

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